Brands We Carry


Jiashili has always been steadfast in its commitment to providing consumers affordable, nutritious, and safe food, demonstrating its commitment to value. With a portfolio of over ten food brands, "Jiashili" stands as the flagship brand representing the company.



To further expand its brand influence, Jiashili has successfully acquired the following companies:


1. Silang Food Co., Ltd.

2. Guangdong Kangli Food Co., Ltd.

3. Guangdong Kailan Flour Co., Ltd.

4. Jusber Food Co., Ltd.

5. Gangrui Food Co., Ltd.

6. Lohas Cake Bakery

7. Keonshin Soy Milk

8. Kiuxiu Food Co., Ltd.

9. Golden Apple Food Co., Ltd.

10. Kakeen Co., Ltd.


These acquisitions have contributed to the rapid development of Jiashili Food Group.


With an extensive product distribution and sales network, Jiashili has established a presence in 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and municipalities directly under the central government. It has also expanded its product distribution to 310 prefecture-level cities across the country. With more than 450,000 offline sales outlets, Jiashili's products are readily available to consumers. Additionally, the group exports its products to over ten countries and regions worldwide, including the United States and Canada.


Now, let's delve into detailed descriptions of the members of Jiashili Food Group: