During Jiashili's nearly 70 years of corporate development, the company has been dedicated to continuous improvement, aspiring to become a highly esteemed, reputable, and widely recognized brand in the Chinese biscuit industry. Throughout its decades of success, Jiashili has achieved numerous accolades and milestones, highlighting its commitment to excellence.

Below are some of the prestigious honors and accomplishments that Jiashili has earned during its remarkable journey of growth:



Industry Recognition Accolades


1.“China’s Top 20 Food Industry” Certificate Issued in 2020 by the Chinese Manufacturers’ Association and the China Industry Information Statistics Association.

2.“Top 10 Enterprises of the Bakery and Confectionery Industry (Biscuits) in China” Certificate  Issued in 2016 by the China National Light Industry Council and the China Bakery and Confectionery Industry  Association.

3.“Outstanding Contributor Enterprise in the Chinese Bakery Industry” Title Issued in 2013 by the China Bakery and Confectionery Industry Association. Brand Reputation Accolades

4.“Top Ten Time-Honored Brands in Guangdong, China” Title  Issued in 2018 by the Guangdong Time-honored Brands Association and the Guangdong Radio and Television  Station.

5.“Honoring the ‘Jiashili’ Trademark as a Well-known Trademark in China” National Document  Issued in 2009 by the People’s Republic of China’s State Administration for Industry and Commerce Trademark Office.

6.“Famous Trademark of Guangdong Province” Recognition Issued in 2007 by the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce.

7.“Guangdong Famous Brand” Award  Issued in 2006 by the Guangdong Provincial Bureau of Quality and Technical Supervision.



Economic Accolades


Bank recognition tokens for Jiashili’s effort in bank economic investments, which are issued in 2022 by respective banks. 

Bank Of China (BOC) 

China Construction Bank (CCB) 

Industrial and Commercial Bank of China (ICBC) 

Agricultural Bank of China (ABC) 



Technological Advancements Accolades


1.    “High-Tech Enterprise” Certificate Issued in 2021 by the Department of Science and Technology of Guangdong Province, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, and the State Administration of Taxation Guangdong Provincial Taxation Bureau.

2.    “Agricultural Industrialization, a National Leading Enterprise” Certificate  Issued in 2021 by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs of China, the China National Development and Reform Commission, the People's Bank of China, the Chinese Ministry of Commerce, the China Securities Regulatory Commission, the State Administration of Taxation of China, and the All China Federation of Supply and Marketing Cooperatives. 

3.    “Guangdong Science and Technology Progress Award” Certificate (First rank award) Issued in 2020 by the Guangdong Provincial Government. Research Topic: The Health Applications and Advanced Manufacturing Technique of Fruit Jams in Biscuits (Referring to the "Fruit Fun Fruity" Fruit Jam Sandwich Biscuits)

4.    “Guangdong High-Tech Product” Certificates Issued in various years by the Guangdong High-Tech Enterprise Association.





1. Dietary-Fiber Biscuits

2. Sesame Sweet Crackers

3. Casual Wafer Sandwiched Biscuits

4. Concentrated Fruit Jam Sandwich Biscuits (Fruit Fun Fruity)

5. Bakery Aroma Breakfast Biscuits

6. Highly Alkaline Cocoa Cream Sandwich Cookie

7. Onion Functional Baked Scallion Oil Crackers (Based on Microbial Fermentation Technology)

8.“Jiangmen City Promotes Industrial Internet Application - Benchmark Demonstration Enterprise” Recognition Issued in 2020 by the Jiangmen Industrial Internet Alliance.

9.“Provincial Enterprise Technology Center” Recognition Issued in 2014 by the Guangdong Provincial Economic and Information Commission, the Guangdong Provincial Department of Finance, the Guangdong Provincial State Taxation Bureau, the Guangdong Local Taxation Bureau, and     the General Administration of Customs Guangdong Branch. 



Quality Certifications 


ISO Certifications 

ISO 9001 “Quality Management System (QMS)” Certification 

ISO 14001 “Environmental Management System (EMS)” Certification 

ISO 22000 “Food Safety Management System (FSMS)” Certification



Historical Accolades


1.    “Outstanding Contributor Enterprise in the Chinese Bakery and Confectionery Industry” Trophy and Recognition Issued in 2013 by the China Bakery and Confectionery Industry Association.

2.   “Guangdong Province Contract-Abiding and Credit-Worthy Enterprise for 20 Consecutive Years (1993-2012)”Recognition Issued in 2013 by the Guangdong Administration for Industry and Commerce.

3.    “Excellent Enterprise in the Chinese bakery and Confectionery Industry” Recognition Issued in 2014 by the National Bakery and Confectionery Industry.

4.    “Outstanding Enterprise in Food Industry” Recognition Issued in 1999 by the China National Food Industry Association.

5.    “First-Rate Enterprise” Recognition Issued in 1995 by The Guangdong Provincial People’s Government.

6.    “China Star Enterprise” Recognition Issued in 1994 by the China Star Enterprise and Famous Brand Product Exhibition.

7.    “National Light Industry Export Earnings - Advanced Enterprise” Recognition Issued in 1988 by the Ministry of Light Industry of the People's Republic of China.

8.    “National Quality Award of the People's Republic of China” Token Issued in 1990 by the National Quality Award Review Committee.

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