Spirits of enterprise

Spirits of enterprise




People-oriented·credibility-first·quality-foremost·efficiency-based are the four main spirits of our enterprise.

People-oriented: we cultivate talents, nurture creativity and value the character of our employees to establish a steady foundation for our enterprise.
Credibility-first: we value the basic spirit foundation of our enterprise culture and we encourage our employees to be honest, diligent, responsible and warm-hearted.
Quality-foremost: we persist in maintaining high quality products and at the meantime producing innovative products and defending our brand reputation as fundamentals for business development.
Efficiency-based:  In terms of business management,we emphasize teamwork in our daily routine for we believe efficiency result from joint efforts,and we focus on cost-saving innovation as well.
JIASHILI: benefit thousands of families. We establish a strong enterprise and we strive to make significant contribution to the society and our motherland.

Guidelines of our daily routine


PURPOSE·COMMUNICATON·COOPERATION·PRIZE——Organizers of the four guidelines

These four guidelines are the basics of our management's thoughts. All operational procedures, plans and projects are to carry out with a clear purpose. All personnel involved are to be informed with specific responsibility.Upon agreed allocation of responsibilities, we achieve operational objectives through cooperation and joint efforts.
PURPOSE: in operation, all procedures,plans, or projects should be designed by management of respective levels, under the principles of scientific and transparent, central plan-oriented, purpose-implementing, and feasible and effective.
COMMUNICATION: no plans shall be put into practice before all details of a program are thoroughly comprehended. An organizer should have the strategies, plans, measures, main points and procedures of a program thoroughly discussed with the team, and achieve a mutual understanding After through cooperation and communication, all work will be put into effect more efficiently.
COOPERATION: an organizer should highly emphasize the value of teamwork. All the personnel, property, tools and duty that are related to a program should serve the core purpose of accomplishing a production task. (Important task shave higher priority;tasks to be accomplished should be put in memorandum; in terms of other tasks, prompt responsibility allocation, response, follow-ups and clear aim are required.)
SHARING: Department director should immediately hold meeting after the target completion. Sharing the experience, good and bad part within the group, giving each other opportunity to learn, grow, develop and send recognition and criticism.