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Jiashili Food Group Co.,Ltd.

Being a Hong Kong listed company, Jiashili is a prominent biscuit manufacturer in China with a rich heritage.


Our diverse product range includes breakfast biscuits, crackers, soda biscuits, wafers, and other varieties. Among which, Jammy biscuits “Fruit Fun Fruity” series are our best-selling products.


These biscuits are meticulously crafted with top-quality ingredients, some of which are imported and adhere to high production standards, ensuring both taste and nutrition.


Currently, Jiashili’s products reach all corners of China, covering 450,000 sales outlets, spanning 31 provinces, autonomous regions, and numerous cities. With an annual production volume of 100,000 tonnes of biscuits, Jiashili maintains its position as a leading biscuit manufacturer in China.


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Jiashili X Kasháy

In an effort to explore the international market, Jiashili, backed by its competent production capacity and capital, introduces Kasháy as its international logo, aiming to penetrate the global market.

Kasháy's logo design incorporates elements of Jiashili's domestic logo, including its red, white, and yellow colors and iconic stripe. This intentional resemblance is meant to evoke thoughts of Jiashili when people see the Kasháy logo, reflecting the Chinese saying, "Stay true and never forget where you start."

The logo also predominantly features bold white and red colors with strikingly designed letters outlined in yellow. This imagery represents Kasháy's ambition and passion as Jiashili's international logo, akin to a burning flame and striving to expand its global influence and attract more consumers to enjoy its biscuits through innovation.

Jiashili X Kasháy

Jiashili Food Group Co.,Ltd.

Restore the Realism of Fruits and Unleash the Fruity Universe.


Order Process

1.Customers’ Enquiry

Online customer service communicates for needs

2.Confirm Order Details

Quantity, Quotation, Shipping, Delivery, and etc.

3.Confirm Order

Payment acceptable in T/T, L/C, and Cash

4.Production Process

Ingredient Mixing, Tunnel Baking, Packaging, and etc.

5.Production Time

Usually takes 1-2 weeks

6.Quality Inspection

Machine Automatic Quality Inspection

7.Shipment Preparation

Port Delivery, Packing List, Custom Clearance, and etc.

8.After-sales Service

Product Delivery, Sales Support, Marketing, and etc.